What is Teman-teman means "friends" in Bahasa Indonesia from the start?

Teman-teman from the start is the story of how the friendship between Indonesia and Australia began.  It is a tale of danger and the will to survive, of courage and determination and of friendship and romance.  At times you may think it sounds like a movie script, but this story is all true.

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What can be found on the Teman-teman from the start website?

Resources Centre
If you would like to find out more about the events surrounding our story, you can visit our Resource Centre. There, you will find:
- a list of references we have used in our writing
- links to websites to assist you in researching further for yourself
- reviews of books relating to events we have mentioned
- a collection of useful quotes and quotations.
Why don’t you go and have a look at our Gallery? We have six exhibitions there, each reflecting a different aspect of our story.
Some of the images you will see are of priceless artefacts stored safely in a museum, while others are of rare documents, normally residing in special library collections.

Music Centre
Our Music Centre contains two new pieces of music we have chosen as our theme songs, one published here for the first time. 
  Downloads Centre
We recommend that you read Teman-Teman from the start out aloud. However, if you want to print out the text, just go to our Download Centre, where you will find a printable version of our story.

This story is written in English.  We are working on writing a version in Bahasa Indonesia.  When it is finished, you will be able to read our story in either language, simply by clicking on the Indonesian or Australian flag.


This shared history belongs of course to the Indonesian and Australian people.  Therefore our website is free, and if you want to you can make copies of our stories.  However, this website is copyright, so you do have to acknowledge us in using our material for non-profit purposes and you cannot use it for your own financial gain.