Meet our team
Project Director  
Dr E Sally Vickery

Sally is wife of the former Honorary Consul for the Republic of Indonesia in Queensland, Greg Vickery. She has a great interest in Indonesian culture, particularly in its food, dance, music and textiles. Sally and her husband travelled widely in Indonesia and have been active in the promotion of Indonesian culture in Brisbane.

Sally was a General Practitioner with special interest and clinical experience in the specialties of Geriatric Medicine, Palliative Care and Transfusion Medicine. Her formal post-graduate study was in Health Planning (MHP and doctoral research), Higher Education (Grad Cert), Science, (BSc), Government and English (BA). She also studied Theology (ThA).

Sally is a committed member of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent movement.  She supports the promotion of the International Day of Peace; the Multi Faith Centre at Griffith University; and the development of the Performing Arts in Queensland. 

Sally researched the history of the beginnings of the Australian Indonesian relationship after being given a catalogue of the O’Hare/Reid photographic exhibition at the Museum of Medan, Indonesia. As part of this research, she visited the graves at Cowra and viewed the Gamelan Digul at Monash University, Victoria.


Project Co-Director
Dr Siti Zulaiha (Izul)

Izul completed her PhD in Applied Linguistics in December 2005 from University of Queensland (UQ) with an International Postgraduate Scholarship.

Whilst undertaking formal studies, Izul was employed part-time as a tutor at the university and as a translator and interpreter for the Honorary Consulate for the Republic of Indonesia in Queensland. She also worked in a language and culture program run by Language Australia for the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, and as a teacher of Bahasa Indonesia for the Institute of Modern Languages in Queensland.

Throughout her time in Brisbane, Izul served a term as president of UQ International Students’ Association. She worked hard to strengthen the links between the Honorary Consulate and the Indonesian student body at large.

Having obtained her formal qualifications as a translator and interpreter through the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) in Australia, Izul is currently involved in various projects in Indonesia.


Music Team
Evan Dean

Evan joined the team as music composer and song performer to represent Australian culture. His extensive musical background is cemented by qualifications from UQ in Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts with majors in Music and Ancient History. His musical performance experiences included being member of various classical ensembles and choirs, as well as performing his own songs in Australia and United States of America.

Evan also has extensive qualification in IT with his degree of Masters of Information Technology from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2003. A member of QUT’s Dean’s List for Outstanding Academic Achievements for Performance in 2000, Evan works in IT in the Queensland Government.

Currently, Evan is a member of contemporary band The People People which released their debut album in 2006.



Krisantini (Santi)

Santi was chosen as music composer due to her extensive background in music evidenced by time spent studying at YPM (Yayasan Pendidikan Musik) School of Music, Jakarta, Indonesia for twelve years where she was a member of Bina Musika Band and Bina Musika Orchestra groups. Santi also studied at School of Music, University of Reading in UK in 1987. Her strong educational background is supported by ten years as a lecturer at the Agricultural Institute of Bogor, Indonesia.

Santi confirmed her PhD degree in Horticulture and Biology from UQ in December 2005.

At the annual Australia Indonesia Band Festival in Sydney in October 2005, Santi was awarded the title of Best Keyboardist. This, combined with her current role as International Liaison Officer with the Agricultural Institute of Bogor, Indonesia, enriches the talent pool of this team in terms of Indonesian musical knowledge and educational networks.

We would like to acknowledge the role Santi has played as a co-translator with Dr Siti Zulaiha in the development of the Bahasa Indonesia text for this website.

Clemensia Yudina Valiandra (Ensi)

In her studies attaining dual-degrees in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at UQ and University of Indonesia, Ensi is actively involved with choir activities at the Indonesian Catholic Church in Brisbane where she holds the position of soloist for the past two years.

At the annual Australia Indonesia Band Festival in Sydney in October 2005, Ensi was awarded the title of Best Vocalist. Combined with Santi’s composing expertise, Ensi’s voice showcases the beauty of Indonesian music.

In 2006 Ensi joined the Balinese Community of Queensland as a dance performer.

Graphics Design and Website Development Team

Left to right:
Conna Almira (Conna)
Fitri Rachmawati (Fitri)
Muhammad Armandi Oesman (Armand)
Muhammad Haswar Hafid (Haswar)

The team of graphic designers and website developers consist of four multi-talented undergraduate students.

Having graduated in December 2005 with Bachelor of Information Technology from UQ, they have now returned to Indonesia and completed the final phase of their Bachelor of Computer Science degrees, as part of double-degree twinning programs between UQ and University of Indonesia.

Aristyaningtyas Kusumo (Tyas)

Tyas joined the team in late February 2006 to provide much-needed website development expertise.

Currently in her last semester studying Bachelor of Information Technology from UQ, Tyas is a member of the double-degree twinning programs between UQ and University of Indonesia.

After her graduation in late 2006, Tyas joined a Master of Science (Computer Science) program at UQ.

The positive group synergy is represented in the wonderful graphics design of the overall website display created by Conna and Fitri, supported by the application of web development by Armand, Haswar and Tyas.
Project Manager
Anna M D Landy

Upon the completion of her Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies from QUT in 2002, Anna worked at Auckland City Libraries in New Zealand in 2003-2005. She worked as a Librarian in Reference Services at State Library of Queensland from 2005 until February 2007. Anna completed her Master of Information Management degree from QUT in September 2006.

In her capacity as Project Manager Anna provided research, proofreading, editing, translation, organisational and administrative support to the Project Directors.